The Books I Love: What I Read This Summer

Photo by Geralt via Pixabay Creative Commons.
Photo by Geralt via Pixabay Creative Commons.

Real life usually impedes on our little pleasures. It’s just how it plays out for most: in high school and university you had more time to do as you liked in between classes and studying (if you were studying at all). Even when you were shuffling part time work, internships and a typical course load, you somehow could find the energy and time for pub crawls, club nights, weekend trips into the city, etc. etc.

Not so much when you’ve hit your mid-20s. By then you’ve got loan officers and stacking bills and a 9 to 5 and whatever other ugly responsibility comes your way. But I don’t begrudge these things, I go with it and I steal my “little pleasures” when I can: a good solo dance session in the privacy of my room, an indulgent Vietnamese coffee on a hot day, and a lazy Saturday with nothing but a book and nargile to keep me company.

This summer, these are the books that stole my attention.

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