Selected Writings

KoreAm Journal, June Issue 2013

KoreAm Journal, June Issue 2013


A Look at Same Sex Marriage in the Korean American Community — KoreAm Journal, June 2013


We Need to Talk about the Big Problem with Online Dating for Asian Women —, January 2015

One Sentence Sums Up the Struggle Lesbians Face with Online Dating —, January 2015

11 Female Film Pioneers that Paved the Way to Hollywood —, March 2014

9 Podcasts to Replace the Void ‘Serial’ Left in Your Heart — Hello Giggles, January 2015

13 Things Only People Who Lived in the UK Understand — Hello Giggles, December 2014

7 Shows on Netflix to Get You Through Another Sherlock-less Year — Hello Giggles, November 2014

Why I Will Always Geek Out Over Virginia Woolf — Hello Giggles, November 2014

The Insanely Talented Women Authors Who Posed as Men to Get Published — Hello Giggles, November 2014


In Turkey, History is Unfolding in the City I Once Called Home —, June 2013

Can Journalism Really be Saved? —, July 2013

‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Fails Trans Actors —, November 2013

The Biggest Problem with Obamacare is that it Doesn’t Go Far Enough —, December 2013


UC Santa Cruz Mural Project Promotes Peace Through Community Art — Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 2012


This Native American Hip-Hop Trio is Putting Indigenous Music on the Mainstream Map —, June 2013


Rhea Suh, Asst Secretary of the Department of Interior — KoreAm Journal, March 2013


The Amazing Underwater Photography of Kevin Lee — KoreAm Journal, June 2013


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